Bob Hope Airport

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Saturday, Oct 25th

Last update04:03:00 PM GMT

Art Contest Winners

For five years, the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority has invited high school students in Grades 9-12 to enter the Bob Hope Airport Student Art Tower Banner Contest. Each year, the Airport Authority chooses a different aviation theme for the contest. In years past, themes have included "Up and Away," "Joy of Flight," "Soaring to New Heights," and "Flight--A Gateway to Dreams." The 2012 contest theme is "Cleared for Take-Off."

Each school district is responsible for determining which entries are chosen as the top three entries. The Arts and Culture Commission from each respective City then considers the three entries and makes the final selection of one entry from its school district based on the judging criteria set forth in the Authority’s contest rules and regulations.

The winning artwork from each school district is displayed on the façade of the Bob Hope Airport terminal tower for a period of approximately three months where it is seen by well over a million travelers and airport visitors as they arrive and depart the terminal.