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Saturday, Nov 28th

Last update07:18:01 AM GMT

News Media Relations

It is the goal of Bob Hope Airport to respond promptly to news media inquiries. Please see contact information to the right.

Television news vans driven by personnel with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department accredited news identification can find parking at the Valet Parking drop-off point in front of the main passenger terminal. This location is also suitable for news van antenna deployment and offers a good vantage point of the Bob Hope Airport passenger terminal for stand-ups and live shots.  A call to one of the news media contact personnel to the right or to Airport Operations at (818) 840-8830 in advance of your arrival is recommended so that we can accommodate your needs. There is NO MEDIA PARKING on the curb in front of the passenger terminal under any circumstances, and no parking is permitted on the Airport circulation roadway.

News gathering activity by accredited members of the press is allowed in the public portions of the passenger terminal, provided that it does not interfere with the normal conduct of airline and passenger business or onsite security by law enforcement personnel or the Transportation Security Administration. Television news crews should take special care to ensure their camera and stand-up locations allow normal pedestrian traffic to flow without interference.

Commercial Filming/Video Production

Inquiries regarding commercial film, video, advertising or other commercial production on the Airport premises should be directed to Madeleine Zavala, Business and Property Manager, at (818) 840-8840. Click here for the Airport Authority's Filming Agreement and Guidelines.